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『Flowers for you』歌詞

Looking for the beautiful place for the majority
So irony's clear
There're so lonely minds
There're so lonely minds
Looking for the beautiful season for the destiny
So sadness's movin' on
Flowers for you
Flowers for you

Far away from the ground
but there's just no way out of the wave
I'm listening to its sound
It's reaching the end of the world really forever and ever
I turn my face to the signs
but there's just nobody around
There's nothing I can do to resign myself

『Flowers for you』視聴

『Flowers for you』作品情報

音楽 Adan
歌詞 黒岩サトシ
ヴォーカル Luna
収録作品 東方Project > 東方アレンジ音楽 > 境懐 -キョウカイ-