Members and Guests Profiles

Below are all the members, staffs and guests (from other circles) that produce, participate in live concerts and general circle activities.

Main members of C-CLAYS, guests, and staffs


The arranger and mascot of C-CLAYS & K2 SOUND… or so as he, the vice-representative says.
(In Japanese only)


The expressive vocal with a vibrant voice. Oh, and her real job is an actor (I think), also she is an airhead.
(In Japanese only)

Amane Myu@Lyricist・Planner

If you see this sinful admiral, call the military police. KanColle addict and lyricist, nicknamed “Amanee-san”.
(In Japanese only)

Kuroiwa Satoshi@Lyricist・Planner

Member of “Kimi no Bijutsukan”, a guitarist that you can count on if it’s anything about wine or Japanese sake.
(In Japanese only)


Made in Canada, living in Hong Kong, the trilingual translator of C-CLAYS.

(Japanese, Chinese, English)

Ayase Kou@Representative

Doesn’t really use or read Twitter. Also likes making life-size tapestry with his allowance.
(In Japanese only)


The website moderator. She’s REALLY into Consadole Sapporo, wine, cats, Final Fantasy and Kalafina, and does most of the chores.
(In Japanese only)


Husky and captivating voice, mysterious and beautiful.


Through her bittersweet voice and melody, she will leave an everlasting impression as a singer-songwriter.


Wrote the lyrics for songs including “Spring Shower” and “Shiny Up!”. Cosplays as Toramaru in lives.