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C-CLAYS イメージイラスト

C-CLAYS & K2 SOUND are doujin music circles that produce and publish music related works such as original drama CDs, original music, and arrangements. The circle also makes life-size tapestry as the interest of our representative.

“Let’s make fan projects from our favorite titles!” and that was why the circle was founded. Since then the circle started making arrangements for Touhou Project and Kantai Collection (KanColle) since 2013. Moreover, the circle made its commercial debut in 2010 by composing and arranging the theme song and various background music for the anime OVA “Aki Sora ~Yume no Naka~”.

Thanks to everyone supporting our music and events, C-CLAYS was able to venture into its 10th anniversary in 2014. We would be grateful if you continue enjoying our music ♪

※Illustration by Ryo Ueda

Profile of C-CLAYS

Circle Name
C-CLAYS (しーくれいす)
Celestian Clays Web Radio Station
1/9/2004 (DD/MM/YYYY)
What we do?
Music production(Touhou arrangments, KanColle arrangments, original works, others / Live concerts / Goods production(e.g. lifesize tapestry)
Sister Circle
K2 SOUND (けーつーさうんど) ※Founded in 2011
Official Social Network
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About requests and use of works by C-CLAYS

Commissions and Booking

Thanks for considering us for your next project. Please contact us via email, we will reply as soon as possible. (Any inquiries from enterprises, doujin circle or individuals are welcomed)

Using our works in your videos

If you wish to use music from C-CLAYS & K2 SOUND in your video or dance cover, please follow our guideline on the following page. We are happy if we can support your creative venture!

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