Policy on using our works

When using songs by C-CLAYS & K2 SOUND as music in your videos, or playing in doujin events, please follow the guideline below.
※We are also open for commissions and live booking, please contact us via the Contact Us form.


If you wish to perform or use our songs published in C-CLAYS’s CD as an artist or at live concerts, please contact us in advance.
Let us feature your videos on our site♪

So, you used music from C-CLAYS & K2 SOUND, do you want to let us feature your video on our website?

Since that is also considered a doujin work, we would be more than happy to help you spread the love! If you want us to feature your work on our website, please contact us through the Contact Us form or our Twitter account once you have finished your video!

Please note that during peak seasons or during the production period, we will not be as responsive as we usually are.

Policy on using our works in videos and music

At the request of C-CLAYS and K2 SOUND, when using our music, please refer to the following article.

Please read the guideline from the respective authors.

Most of the music from C-CLAYS & K2 SOUND are derivative works (including arrangements) of their respective works. Since the copyright of their respective works is owned by their respective owners, please do not use our work in violation of their respective guidelines.

※References (Please confirm the latest information)

Doujin activities guideline of Touhou Project (circa 2011)
Summary of doujin activities guideline of Kancolle (circa 2014)

Using our work in violation of the common order and moral, and slandering is strictly forbidden.

Usage of our music in videos or events violates the common order and moral, or promote slandering is strictly prohibited.

Beware of unintentional reflections in your videos or photos!

For example, if your video unintentionally contains reflections of personal information (for example delivery notes) like address, real name, phone number etc., it would easily reveal your true identity, so please be careful.

Before you use works by other people, please get permission from their respective author.

You are also welcomed to use your own works in your video!
On the other hand, if you wish to use works by other people, please get permission to use their work.

Beware of copyright violations

As listed above, commercial works tend to be very strict with their copyright, so please be very careful with unauthorized usages and reflections.

Uploading CD rips are forbidden

When you are making a video, please do not use all the content from a single CD, in short, uploading CD rips are unacceptable. Also, even if you are just uploading the content of the CD partially (although this rule is rather difficult to judge), please do not upload videos that are for the sole purpose of uploading the contents of the CD (mostly in the form of uploading CD rips to video sharing sites like YouTube without our consent).

Although this an extreme example, any video that is “purposefully not creative or artistic”, or “a blank video without picture or animation that is practically music in the form of a video” should fall into this category.

Although it is expected that everyone that makes videos and/or other works, and event organizers understand rules and regulations as listed above, like those rules and regulations, they are listed for the best interest for all parties. We believe everyone should have a good time through their favorite works. Thanks, and have fun!